Thursday, 26 January 2012

Feeling Blue

Monsieur Lagerfeld recently showcased a summer collection entirely in blue. Cornflower blue to soft violets and touches of black and white.  While I found the collection a bit boring in that it doesn't really present something new but rather sticks to the the classic Coco style, I loved the blue theme running through it!

Going through my wardrobe I realised I don't really have a lot of blues which is something I intend to fix over the coming months! I did however manage to pull these pieces together for that all blue theme:

Wasn't sure if I was going to like it but I think it looks pretty and sweet.
  I must say I love the all one colour theme and I guess I shouldn't be that surprised as I do tend to do it when I hang my washing on the line! :)

Spotted some lovely blue things on eBay. Now all I have to do is pick one!

Chiffon skirt for about €20 including shipping.

This dress is soooo lovely!
About €16 and free shipping!

Classic shirt for about €10 including shipping

About €25 including shipping. I can think of loads of looks for this little number!

Last but not least. How cool are these? They come in brown and red too but I like the blue ones best!
About €14 and free shipping!

I've noticed with summer fashions coming in it's nearly all blondes in the mags (really annoying!) but blue always looks great on brunettes so I'll be making an effort to wear it a bit more!

Enjoy! -Vievie Xx

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