Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to Wear Pastels

Pastels haven't been on trend for a long time now but I'm really happy they're back for the next couple of seasons. Cotton candy pink, banana yellow, mint green, baby blue - all as sweet looking as they sound!   Here are a few ideas and tips on how to wear them:

You can't beat a simple jeans and white T-shirt.  Penny's have a great selection of colours but you can find these just about anywhere at the moment.

Go for a 50's inspired prim and proper look like Louis Vuitton and go head to toe in one shade.
If you want to wear pastel for an evening, pair it up with black or navy accessories like belt, bag and shoes.

Keep it fresh and modern with simple lines and wear bright red or at least a deeper shade of lipstick to avoid looking washed out especially if you have fair skin.

Layer up your pastels but keep it fuss free otherwise you'll end up looking like an explosion in a
Carebear factory!

If you don't like head to toe pastel, than mix it up with black, navy, burnt orange or red for a look that's a little more tough and less sugar sweetness overload!

Here's my pastel look.
Jeans from Penny's, top from H&M, shoes and bag from Aldo.
If this is still all too much for you than try a little pastel handbag, shoes or nail varnish for a discreet nod to the trend.
I'm really liking this trend and I think it can suit everyone so don't miss out!
-Vievie Xx

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