Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bonjour eBay!

It's cold, it's wet and I have no desire whatsoever to browse for the leftover specials of the last few weeks.  I think the February end of season sales are always better anyway.  Causally clicking I came across some lovely little finds and thought I might share them with you.  In no particular order, enjoy!
Metallic Scallop T-shirt.  Classic, simple and sooooo chic!
About €15 including shipping :)

About €25 including shipping.  I just wanna hug it it's so soft looking! To my delight, velvet (not the crushed kind) is having a bit of a moment and I love the rich colour of this little number.

You'll see a lot of black & white versions (also available) of this contrast blouse but I like this green one for something a little different.
Less than €12 and free free free shipping!

Coffee - check! Friends check! Beautiful rose cardi - check!
About €20 and nothing more for shipping!
Also available in red.
Really like this one!

About €50 including shipping.
Printed jeans are meant to be big next season.  More for the risk taker so I don't think you will see the streets over run by them but whoever wears them will definitely get noticed.
These are for the brave end of my wardrobe spectrum!

A bit early for such a fresh coloured dress but I believe in being prepared!
I can't pull off all over bright yellow so this is perfect for me!
At about €15 and free shipping it's a steal!

For something more soft and girly this lace dress is perfect!
About €13 and free shipping. 
Check out the shop as a few of the nice things I've spotted were from there. 
Faux fur coat and off to the picnic! Ok, maybe not.

Last but not least, this necklace.  Not sure how do dress up that T-shirt? Voila!
Just don't go swimming or else you're a goner!
About €13 including shipping.

There you have it, my latest finds.  Hope something there tickled your interest or at least gave you some ideas.  Vievie

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