Monday, 16 January 2012

Best Dressed at the Golden Globes

Um, uh, well what can I say? The truth? I wasn't particularly blown away by this year's attendees so really the best dressed in my opinion are the best of a limited lot! Lets get on with it shall we?

One of the few dresses I actually liked.  Emma Stone really stands out in this dress with a belt that gives it a hard edge. However below we have Lea Michele wearing what kinda looks like a figure skating outfit that doesn't allow for much movement!
Next we have Piper Perabo. I liked this dress.  She was totally hyper but I like the dream like effect of it.  If your gonna go all out than go for it!
Not that I don't like it but I see this more as the coolest mother of the bride outfit but certainly a more feminine choice than usual for Tilda.
I like both of these dresses but I'm not sure about the head piece.  They remind me of those things people put around little baby girls heads to make sure they are not mistaken for a boy.  Charlize has so much going on I'm not sure where to look.
One thing is for sure, this year's Golden Globes (and other such like events) are not about bling. In fact most didn't wear necklaces and the jewels that were there were quiet and discreet. Is it the recession? A return to cleaner looks? Either way don't get it wrong if you have a big event remember it's about the dress not the bling!

Angelina looks beautiful as usual and yet I can't help but see it as the latest look for a new Special K breakfast cereal.  Is this a one off or does this mark a return to the matchy matchy rule of lips, nails, clutch and shoes?  I have to say she looks better on her own.  Brad could have done with a little snip snip of the hair to match the slick clean classy look of his leading lady.
I liked both of these with the exception of a few details. First, this green dress is simply beautiful but could have done with a contrasting clutch.  Second, it seems all wrong but I actually like the dress Elizabeth McGovern is wearing but I think the whole look would have been better with a slick and sharp hair style.

I'm not crazy about the shapes of these dresses but the colours are undeniably lovely on Frida and Nathalie although I think this year we saw lots of safe colour choices in nudes and blacks and green seems to have been the jewellery colour of the evening.
I would be hard put to pick a favourite only because I didn't really see anything that made my jaw drop but here is the one I think was the loveliest and the worst:
Shailene Woodley (who?, ya exactly) looks beautiful in this stunning dress.  It could have done with a little something, it's a bit safe but for me this was the dress of the evening.
This must be THE worst dress if the night.  Like the biggest pen ink leak ever! The tie dye look will never have a place in the realm of beautiful and this mess is no exception!

An overall boring and bland selection due to who knows what but this year will definitely not stand out as remarkable and I hope these people have something better for us come Oscar night! Is it me? I know I'm a little hard to please but the great thing about doing a blog is not having to pretend to like something because I'm being paid to write about it.  I'm not getting paid for this so I'm sorry they will just have to do better next time!
I leave you with a few interesting, can't make up my mind, extra pics - Vievie Xx

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