Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What to Wear for a Job Interview

The job market is tough at the moment and although you may know your qualified for the position, what you wear could be a factor when it comes down to the final decision. It's not enough to know the part, you need to look the part! So what do I wear?

 Never go casual!

No matter what the position your going for, turning up in casual garb says your not really serious about wanting the job. If you want to look smart, dress smart! Your outfit should be clean, crease-free and undamaged. Undamaged?  That's right! Many a times have I seen trousers with torn hems, jackets missing buttons and ladders up stalkings. Tic tic tic goes the sound of high heels worn down to the nail! Big no no's!  Try on your outfit the night before to make sure everything is as it should be. That way you won't be caught off guard getting dressed the next morning when your already stressed out!   
Think corporate ladder not this kind of ladder! :)

Stand Out for the Right Reasons

 If your wearing a skirt, no shorter than your knees and trousers should not look spray painted! Remember you are there to show your skills not your assets so keep your chest in check! Make sure we can't see your underwear, whether it's a bra strap, VPL or your slip peeking out under your skirt.
Wear colours that are easy on the eyes like neutrals and avoid loud  patterns.  To stand out from the others wear one item of a stronger colour like a red pencil skirt or a white blazer while keeping the other colours low key.


Nice but noisy!

 When it comes to jewellery, tread with caution.  Make sure the sound of your bling isn't off putting.  Nobody wants to hear your earrings chime, your bracelets jingle or your necklace rattle! A statement cuff or large pendant necklace will do the trick nicely and won't add sounds effects to your movement.


It has to be heels, unless you can't wear them due to health.  Heels say POWER! They give you stature, make you stand straight and add confidence to your stride.  If your worried about running around, simply wear flats and carry your heels in your bag and make a quick switch around the corner from your interview place.  Flats are comfortable and can be work appropriate but not for an interview.  Kitten heels are easy to wear but still give you that polished look.  Even if it's winter, try not to show up in boots, unless they still look great with your outfit once you've taken off your coat. Flip flops (even the kitten heel ones!) are a big no no! I say this because I have seen it! It doesn't matter how much bling you have hanging off them, beach wear will get you nowhere!

- Wear a blazer. It makes any outfit look smart
- Wear a soft lip colour unless your 100% sure it won't budge!
- Wear perfume. It's hard to forget a nice scent!
- Throw out your gum before you get there!
- Bring a compact mirror for a last minute check
- Take the time to do your hair, nails and make-up.  Nobody wants to see bedhead hair, chipped nail varnish or clumpy mascara so get up early!
- Get a friend to give you the once over in case your missing something
- Last but not least SMILE :)  The perfect accessory for any outfit!


If you have  job interview coming up and want some extra tips, send me an email and I'll do my best to help you out :) walkoutwardrobe@gmail.com

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